Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween in da House

Happy Halloween weekend!! 
Hope you're all have a good one. Any partyin' going on?   

I realized last night that I hadn't showed you the Halloween 
decorations I'd put up the first weekend of October. I 
don't do a lot of decorating. I shared the Halloween 
wreath I made for our front door here
Other than that, I hang pumpkin lights in the front window
and our entryway gets a little decorated. 
Have a peek.  

The bats and spider web were added in 
Picnik. I had lots of fun editing the 
pics for this post.  : )  

Don't you love the lightening? Very cool!! 

I like how the candle light cast shadows of the little 
spiders on the wall. Oooohhh...

I just love Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin. Reminds
me of being a kid. I've had Charlie here for 12 years. 
When you push the button on the base he dances to the Charlie
Brown theme song. Very cute! 

These are the cutest goodie bags I've ever seen. I found them at Winner's last year. 

That's it. Told ya I don't decorate much. It's cute though. 
I know lots of people love the evil gory stuff 
at Halloween, but not me. I like the cute little
ghosts and pumpkins. 

Have a very happy and safe rest of the weekend! I'll
be back tomorrow to share the cutest cookies
ever made. I know that's a pretty 
big claim, but after you see them I'm sure
you'll agree. If you follow me on facebook you've
already seen a sneak peek.  : )  Hmm, maybe
you should head on over and follow me on facebook
to check them out. 

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