Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

Good Sunday morning to you! I woke up to a beautiful, sunny day and that makes me happy. : D Today happens to be Easter, which to me doesn't mean too much. We never do a big family dinner or even get together with family for that matter. It's just a day where the girls get a little something and that is usually candy, in a useful container I might add. No ugly, I'm never gonna use it again Easter baskets in this house! I'm all about organization, so they usually get a cute little metal bucket or something along those lines. We may or may not do an egg hunt. And since we didn't color eggs, I'm thinking no egg hunt this year. I'm just looking forward to spending a lot of the day outside enjoying the warm weather!

A few days ago the girls and I did do some Easter cookies though. I'm not 100% Easter Scrooge, heehee. I thought I'd share a few pixs with you. They turned out soo cute! Although I'm in desperate need of an egg shaped cookie cutter. I have 4 bunny ones, but no egg!

Cute, huh?? I LOVE the icing recipe I have. It makes them look professional, even when Ms. A decorates them. Take a second look, I'll wait. Bet you can't tell which ones she did? And yes, she really did make a couple on that plate. That icing is just that good! Shhh, the secret is corn syrup mixed in with the sugar and milk. It is soo relaxing decorating them. I think the first night we did some it took about two hours and I could have kept going except my chair was getting uncomfortable. If you've ever been to Color Me Mine, it's like that. Relaxing and therapeutic in some strange way. Give a try.

Well, hope you all have a fabulous Easter Sunday!! Any big plans for the day? What does Easter mean to you and your family?

~As requested, here are the recipes for the sugar cookies and the cookie icing I used. Unfortunately I can not take credit for either recipe, I found them on I'll share with you that I've always made 1/2 of the sugar cookie recipe and instead of using 2 1/2 cups of flour, I use just 2 cups. I find it makes the dough easier to roll out. And don't let 1/2 a recipe fool you, it still makes about 60 cookies! If you try them, let me know how they turn out. I've had success with them every time. Happy baking!!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Hey to you! I have neglected my blog for well over a month now, but it's time to start up again and get serious about it. Today I spent a while checking out new templates and came up with this. What do you think? Pretty huh! There are literally millions of choices out there. A girl could spend weeks looking for just the right one. And once you find 'it', it isn't quite so easy to figure out how to use all the cute new things you've downloaded. I am soooo not a computer person, but I did it. Yay for me!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the little bit of Spring we've gotten so far. Although I'm sure it'll be some time before I can be planting flowers. It's always sad to me that we don't have a longer Spring here in Calgary. We get, maybe, a month or so and then it's summer. And we all know summer is always way too short.  : (  Anyway, I'm going to try and make the most of our warm months this year and spend lots of time outdoors. We don't really have any plans to go anywhere, but that doesn't matter to me. Just being outside listening to the kids play while I soak up some sun is good enough for me. What about you, any plans this summer??

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