Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Little Owl

Happy Wednesday! I'm happy because for me, it's actually my Thursday. I love not working Fridays! This morning I thought I'd share a couple pics. Most of you have already seen them on facebook, but I wanted to add them here too. Wow, I have to say, I sure can't type very well first thing in the morning. My fingers can't quite figure out where to go, haha.

These pictures are of a cute little stuffed owl I recently made. I stumbled across another blog that had the 'originals'. They were from Pottery Barn and ranged in price from $25-$30, which is a bit steep for my pocketbook. So I decided I'd try to make one with what limited supplies I had laying around the house. It turned out pretty cute. Although the feet need some help. I need to figure out how to make them better next time, they're to floppy. Here's the final product!

Floppy Feet

Much cuter with no feet showing. 

So that's my first attempt at the owl. I'm going to try a few more once I buy some stuffing. Next time I think I'll add some tiny wings to the front.

Well that's it for now. I should finish getting ready for my day. Hope yours is a great one!!

Somewhat Simple

Monday, February 7, 2011

This Is It

Well this is it, my blog, Catie's Corner. It's a little corner of the web just for me. I tried this once before, but only thought to use it for cooking. (Wasn't so good.) This time around I'm going to put whatever I want - cooking, crafty projects, family stuff, me stuff, whatever I want! So, we'll see how it goes.

Lately I've been feeling very "nesty". I know that's not a real word, it's just that I am in the nesting mood. My house is not complete enough for me, especially my living room. It has been a work in progress for years! One day I would love for it to finally be done. Hence, the nesting feeling. Every room is continually get tweaked a bit. You know, move this here and put that there. Big or small. It could be a piece of furniture from the living room being moved to the master bedroom or a little basket moved from one spot to another in the same room. I don't know why I'm feeling this way! Maybe it's cabin fever and I know I'm not pregnant, so it's definitely NOT that. I don't know, it's just this quiet nagging in the back of my brain. It's almost like a calling of some sort. I am compelled to keep changing things up. 

I'm hoping this blog will be a sounding board for my thoughts. Somewhere I can write it out and maybe, just maybe figure myself out a little more. Perhaps I'm getting to that stage in life where I'm starting to reassess what I want to do with it. Ms. A will be starting school next year, and wondering what I want to do once she's in school all day has started crossing my mind. I want to find something that I'll love and be able to make a living doing. I know it could only be a pipe dream, but I'm hoping it's a dream I can achieve! 

Anyway, that's it for now... thanks for listening!!

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