Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Living Room Tour

Hey There. I finally got around to taking some shots of our living room, and boy are you in for A LOT of pictures! Hope you're sitting down, it may take awhile.  = )

Welcome to our home. 
 Here's the little wreath I've mentioned. I felt it still needed something, so 
I hot glued on a few pine cones from our evergreen out front. 

Our entryway. I bought the dresser and two side tables off Kijiji for $60. I love all the  storage! Everyone has their own drawer for mitts and hats. The bottom drawer holds lots of scarves in the winter.

 I made the leaf garland and just stuck some faux leaves in the wire of the hurricane lamp candle holder. The leaf on the glass candle holder I glued to a piece of twine so I could just tie it on instead of glueing
it directly to the holder. Once it's winter, I can take it off easy peasy.

 There's our free ultra suede, down filled couch. Yep, it was FREE, and it's suede, and the cushions are down filled! Long story short, my sister in law knew I wanted new couches, her friend's mom was getting rid of one, this is what we got. We've had it for nearly three years and it is still just as comfortable as the day we  got it. I love that I can just fluff up the cushions and it's good as new.  = )

 This cutie side table was $10 off Kijiji. The vintage sewing box my mom gave me when I was in jr. high. I LOVE it!! The built-ins on the left house all our movies. Why do we have soo many?

 The green velvet throw pillow was $4 at GW. The other pillow cover I made from a twin sized pillowcase. I got a set of two at GW for $2. They're from Ikea and match my favorite pillow on the left. Miss E and her mom, Miss J, got it for me for Christmas. I had wanted it for over a year.

 This two tiered table was my Grandma's and desperately needs to be refinished. I remember her keeping little knick knacks on it when I was a little girl. It came all the way from Chico, Ca in the back of our car 11 years ago. I love that I have it.

 You may remember my free TV stand from this post. It was also from Kijiji. My $80 wool rug was another Kijiji score. I like how it ties both of the couches colors together. The storage ottoman my hubby picked for $30 at Superstore. It had been marked down from $140! It's a great place to hide the guitars for Rock Band.  = ) Where else would I keep them? Oh I should mention, I have a print I recently bought for over the TV. Now I just need a mongo frame for it. I'll be hitting some thrift stores to find one.

 We used to have a black leather couch in this spot. It had to go. I was not digging the red and black in the living room. I sold that one for $200 and got this one for $250 from, you guessed it, Kijiji. If you do the math, I only paid $50  for it! Woohoo! It is soo comfortable. I could fall asleep on it every night. Actually , I do. lol And look at that naked window. It's screaming for some curtains. I may try my hand at some drop cloth ones. What do you think? 

Here's the lovely crates I showed you in this post.

 The built-ins are great for extra display space. Although I think they are
screaming for a paint job. Maybe a nice crisp white?

A few random shots for ya. Isn't my little acorn cute? I got it for 25 cents at a thrift store. When I bought it it was black. I took some heirloom white to the top and ruffed it up. Then wrapped the bottom with some jute. I'm really happy with how it turned out. 

Are you still with me? I told you it was going to be a long post. lol Hope you enjoyed the tour of our living room. It just goes to show you don't have to spend a lot to get great style. Well, I think it looks pretty good.  : )  Thanks for stopping by! 
PS. First person to tell me how many times I mentioned Kijiji gets a prize!!! Aha, just joking!  = ) 

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  1. LOVE the crates for storage idea! And the leaves sprinkles about along with the lovely :)

  2. I love the dresser with the baskets what a great idea to keep up with the kids gloves and hats!

  3. Your living room is so pretty, Catie! I really like your red looks for cozy and comfy! The crates are a neat way to create storage and your Fall touches add a festive touch!

    Thank you for linking to Potpourri Friday. I really appreciate your participation!

  4. What a great space! I especially love the rug and trays!


  5. You sure do have a great living space, and it looks like a million bucks and you didn't even need to spend it. I love both couches they look so comfy. And your Grandmothers table is a nice memory piece.
    Happy Fall

  6. Catie - it's a beautiful, comfortable living room - all ready and festive for fall! Beautiful details. I love all of your storage and the warm color scheme. Looks like such a cozy, peaceful place to relax and hang out! Great job!

  7. your living room is beautiful!! so cozy and inviting=)


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