Monday, August 8, 2011

I did it!!

Hey All! Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was really good. Well , other than the insane storm that blew through Friday night. I accomplished a first Saturday - I painted my very first piece of furniture EVER!! Of course I've spray painted lots of things, but this was my first time using "real" paint. I will admit, I was a little intimidated by the thought of it. Thanks to all of you out in blogland who paint furniture and share it on your blog , I found the courage to try.  : )

Fortunately for me the piece I wanted to paint required pretty much no sanding. I was painting the dresser in Miss E's room. It's from Ikea and it used to be mine years back. The dresser is 11 years old and still in great shape. LOVE Ikea! The wood was plain Jane and just screaming to be prettied up.

See what I mean? Plain Jane! Oh yeah, I forgot to take a pic with the knobs still on. I started with a light sanding to the top only. After that I wiped the whole thing down and started on my first coat. I used a 4" foam roller brush for the large parts and a 1" foam brush for the thin parts. I did two coats Saturday and the final coat Sunday morning. I thought it'd be best with a third coat, since I didn't use any primer. I've got my fingers crossed I don't regret that.  : )  The results are fabulous! I'm loving it and so is Miss E. She was out of town when I did it, so it was a surprise when she came home yesterday. Soo glad she liked the color. Phew! All right, no more stalling. Here's the beautiful after!

So what do you think? Can you tell it's the same color as the shelf and chairs in the sunroom? The color is so soothing. We're still undecided what to do with the knobs. I could paint them to match, leave them as is or spray paint them with an oiled bronze color. Her desk has bronze knobs and she really likes them. Decisions, decisions. Oh, and there's still a lot of paint left which has got me thinking about painting my desk now. Hmm...

Since we all love 'em, here's another look of the B & F for ya! 

So nice!! 

What were you up to this weekend? Get any projects done around the house? I think I might have caught the painting bug!!

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  1. Great transformation Catie! Looks wonderful against the purple wall. Can't wait to see more painted furniture from you now :)

  2. Beautiful job! Be aware--painting is addictive. You'll be searching the house for your project.

  3. Lovely! You did a great job! Now you'll be looking at furniture thinking "hmmm, I can paint that..." hee hee

  4. Catie -
    It looks great! I loooove the color.
    Isn't it fun!? You just opened up a whole new world of furniture painting :)

  5. Hi Catie, This bureaux looks great after your paint job. It looks like a brand new piece.

  6. Nicely done! It looks great. Love the white.

  7. Hi Catie, it looks so lovely and fresh in white...and yes, you'll painting anything that doesn't move soon I'll bet! I'm now following along too :)
    Cas x

  8. Great transformation. I love what you did with the dresser. Thanks for sharing at my Sizzle into Summer party.

  9. A job well done! Looks great for your first project, love how it turned out and it really looks good with the colour of the wall. Thanks for sharing at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  10. Great job, Catie! So fresh and pretty! Love the power of paint! ;)

  11. What a cute idea for a lamp! I have some old lamp shades I'm going to try your idea on :D

  12. Beautiful job! I'm just getting ready to help my sister transform a couple dressers at her house! Just popping by from Serenity Now!

  13. What a difference! Love it :) I'm hoping to paint a dresser white this weekend too!

  14. Very fresh! You know, I've just learned that the nearest Ikea store from me is like 1-2 hours drive away and I'm SERIOUSLY thinking of going- their styling for new stuff is amazing and sounds like your piece has held up nicely for 11+ years so I know it's well made!

    Glad to see you PAINTING ("real" paint) furniture-- watch out world! :)

    Visiting from ShabbyNest Linky Party today :D
    ~Suzanne in Illinois

  15. Looks great! There are two IKEA dresser in my daughters' room that I'm dying to make-over one of these days!

  16. Totally cute!! Love the color and the knobs- so charming! Thanks for sharing at my party this week! :)


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