Friday, August 5, 2011

Whoa Nellie!!

How's your Friday night going? Mine was pretty spectacular! The power of mother nature is absolutely astonishing sometimes. You're probably starting to wonder what I'm talking about. Well, I'll fill ya in.  : )

Summer in Calgary is a bit predictably unpredictable. If we have a few days of nice, warm temperatures we know we'll pay for it in the form of a thunderstorm. Tonight we had the mother of all crazy a** storms!! It started first with some light rain, which turned to heavy rain and super wind, then came the lightening and thunder, and the hail. Crazy I say!! It was raining soo hard water started leaking in through the fan above our stove! (We don't have a hood fan. There's an exhaust fan in the ceiling.) There was water all over my stove and floor. 

Mr. CC, Miss A and I were all leaning over the back of the couch watching out the front window. You know, the way dogs do. haha  Our poor cat, Nellie, was outside and ran under the front steps to hide. We kept calling her, but she wouldn't run into the house. As we watched the water started steadily creeping up over the sidewalk and onto our grass. The neighbor's car was parked in front of our house. I was worried it was going to get flooded. Yep, it did! 

The water was rushing over our neighbor's yard, down our driveway and back to the playhouse that's BEHIND the garage. Once this started happening Mr. CC wanted to get out there and take some video. He put on some shorts and sandals and grabbed an umbrella. Now, keep in mind there was still some lightening from time to time. Men! (eyes rolling and a sigh) I should mention, he is usually Mr. Safety. For reals! Like a little too safety conscience. If it were up to him, Miss A would NEVER run anywhere. Anyway, getting off track. So he headed out and here's the video he brought back. The first part is of our neighbor's yard. Oh, and Mr. CC does swear a bit. If you'd rather not hear, please turn your speakers down. Enjoy!!  : )

What did you think? Pretty crazy huh??? And minutes after it was over, it was sunny with blue skies. 

Remember how you couldn't even see the grass?

Look at all the debris stuck in the grill!

The dirt left on the street looked like giant worm tracks.
We had a couple friends who's basements were flooded. I heard one friend had cars FLOATING down his street! And a major street was washed away! CRAZY!

Well, that's it for my exciting Friday evening. I think I'm gonna put on Neflix and see what they've got for me tonight. Have a good one!  : ) 
** Oh, I'm quite pleased that I got a Catie's Corner YouTube page setup!! Now I just need to figure out how to play the video on my site, not there's. I'll get that all worked out another day.  


  1. Oh my goodness!!! What a crazy storm!!! I'm glad you guys were safe and dry in the house and it didn't majorly damage anything!!

  2. Hi Catie! Fellow Calgarian! We were out of town for this crazy storm and thank goodness it didn't cause any damage down south! Hope all is well!


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