Thursday, July 7, 2011

Suspicions Confirmed

Well, hello again! Hope you all have had a fabulous Thursday. Mine was a little give and take, but this evening it got all good. You remember my quick post this morning about Wills and Kate possibly driving behind my house? Yeah, that actually did happen. I'm telling ya, I should be in the secret service or somethin'. The way I put two and two together that they really would be driving behind my house. Brains people, that's all I'm sayin'!! Ha,ha, ha, just kidding!!  : D Or am I??  ; )

Are you ready for the not so great pics I took? Yeahhh I should add, it helps if you have a camera that can really zoom and has super fast shutter speed. Mine, not soo much. So bare with me. This was more about, "wow this is pretty cool, Will and Kate are right behind my house!!", than anything else. And I thought it'd be fun to share. Soo, are you ready??

This was them flying into Calgary from Banff by helicopter. These pictures were taken while I standing on my picnic table in the backyard. Note the crappy zoom. That's all I got people.   : )

These pictures were taken on a grassy knoll in the dog park behind my house. 
Here comes the first of 15 - 20 (no joke) police motorcycles with their sirens blaring. 

Finally here comes the actual motorcade they were in. 

All the people sitting in their cars on the right where stuck there for at least five minutes. And I'm sure when I came bounding down the hill with my camera they thought I was nuts until they got what was going on. Will and Kate are in the third car. 

That is it!! That's their car! I saw them with my own eyes, however the shutter speed was way too slow to get a good shot of them. But I really did see them. For reals! And I'm sure the must have seen me. I was the only one standing on the hill and I was wearing a bright white shirt. 

Their motorcade went on forever...

and ever...

...finally the end!! 

So that's it. My close encounter with royalty. It was a bit exciting I have to admit. When I went back into the house I told Ms. A that a real prince and princess just drove by. Her eyes got real big and then she told me she thought all the sirens were the police catching bad guys. Too cute!!


  1. How exciting! Love your daughter's comment :)

  2. .... I loved your comment!!!

    my daughter (parisiennefarmgirl) and I met Diana when she toured Chicago. We actually spoke with her, handed her gifts, and had a picture taken!

    we will never forget


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