Thursday, July 7, 2011

Royal Watch

Hey All. Today I'm gonna be on Royal watch. You know why?

image via City of Calgary

Prince William and Kate will be arriving in Calgary later today, about 4:30ish. Now I'm not a person who's particularly into the Royal family, but it is kinda cool that they'll be here in Calgary for a day or so. A couple weeks ago I was in my kitchen doing dishes, when out my window I saw and heard A LOT of police motorcycles and police cars going by with several black sedans and SUVs all with tinted windows. Crazy!! At the time I wasn't really sure what was going on - was someone important in town, was it some sort of motorcade for a fallen police officer? Later that evening on the news they said it was the city practicing for when Will and Kate are here. So, I'm thinking they may be driving right behind my house later today. May. If they are, I'll be out taken pics as they go by to share with you.   : )

Until then I'll be out enjoying another beautiful warm sunny day! What are you up to today??

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