Tuesday, July 12, 2011

10 Minute Table Transformation

Hey All! Yesterday I was with Ms. A in her room staring at her night table that has recently become naked. Well, kind of. It had had a mirrored tray on it, but Ms. E is redoing her room at her mom's and I thought it would go great with the new look, so I gave it to her. Ms. A doesn't have a very nice night table/stand and I do want to replace it eventually, but it's not at the top of my list. Anyhoo, it's not soo pretty and was looking rather plain and blah. I was inspired by the post Shaunna from Perfectly Imperfect had recently done. She used spray paint to paint stripes on a wood tray table. I thought about what I had on hand to achieve a smiliar look. Within minutes I was grabbing tape, craft paint and brushes. I cleared off the table and got taping. Keep in mind, I have never actually painted a piece of furniture before. I have spray painted wicker furniture, but that's not the same as taking a brush and paint to something. This was my very first time!! Because I was soo pleased with how it turned out I think I'll show you the after first! Sorry for the crappy pics, there's never very good light in her room.

Pretty cute huh? I have to tell you, I HATE her green wall!! It has got. to. go! I'm thinking maybe a light pink, but not too pink. Know what I mean? I don't want a pepto pink wall. Yuck. Here's the before of the table. 

See what I mean about blah? Not much to it and definitely boring. Although I do like the slates on the bottom shelf. It gives it a little something. So lets get tapin'.

The stripes are all even. I used a ruler to measure. However the camera angle makes it look a bit wonky. This is the part where I got the paint out, got a bit excited and completely forgot to take any pictures. Sorry! For the paint I just used acrylic craft paint I had on hand. I mixed a dark raspberry with white to get the pink color I wanted, and lightened up some green with the white. To apply the paint I used stencil brushes to get a bit of the brush stroke streaks. I gave each stripe two coats and minutes later, tada!!

It literally took me ten minutes and it was done for free! I was putting her things back on it within the hour. Gotta love how fast that paint dries.  : )  So what do you think of my first real painting project?? I love it and so does Ms. A! Now I just have to do something about that green wall. Oh, and I'm picking up a new pink lamp tonight to replace the princess one. She's soo over princesses now - she's 5 and 1/2 you know?  : ) I'll have to share the lamp with you later. I'm buying it off Kijiji. (Pronounced kee-jee-jee.) For those of you in the States, its like Craiglist, dare I say it's better. Sorry, but it is.  : )  The site is anyway. Check it out. They're only in Canada, (as far as I know) but you could still search listings in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, see where I'm going with this? Just check it out!

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  1. Okay, that is CA-UTE!!!!! Love the stripes and the color combo!!!

  2. You did a fantastic job for a first timer! Love the stripes and the colors!
    Have a great night!

  3. So quick and easy, using what you had on hand. Great satisfaction in jobs like that.

  4. that is just so sweet, I love it!

  5. Catie, you did a great job! It was fabulous inspiration. I can't believe it only took 10 minutes! Talk about cheer and charm! I'm your newest follower; found you via Kim.

  6. Cute! I have yet to master the tape and paint thing. You know, you could save some money and recover the lamp with fabric?

  7. Very cute, the table looks great! It is so fun and bet Ms. A loves it. Thanks for stopping by Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays and joining the party.

  8. What a darling transformation!! Great job!

  9. This is adorable! Love the colors you chose. It has much more personality now!

  10. That is super cute Catie! You gave it much more flair and personality and we are so glad you linked it up this week at Inspiration Friday!

  11. Wonderful paint job and hard to believe it's your first! You did great! It's amazing how much a little paint can change the look and personality of a piece. I love it!
    Stopping by from French Country Cottage - so happy you shared :)

  12. Oh my goodness- what a charming little table!! You did a fantastic job on it~ I love the different colored stripes!! Thanks for linking up at the party!


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