Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Retro Table : )

This past Saturday we were actually up early enough to hit some garage sales, and by early I mean we were out the door just before 10 am. I LOVE garage sales!! I've found some pretty cute things over the years. And I love the surprise of what I'll find, because you never know. We only stopped at a handful but boy did I find some good stuff. I'll have to share my cutie vintage Pyrex pieces I got in another post.

This psot is all about my metal retro table I scored for $5! As soon as I saw her (yes she is a girl) I knew she was coming home with me. Although I had no idea where she'd actually live at my house. You see, I'm one of those people who will pass on something if I can't think of where it will go. I HATE clutter and am the exact opposite of a hoarder. I am constantly purging stuff out of my house. Sure there's been a couple times I've thought, why did I get rid of that, but overall I love the feeling of no clutter. Ahhh....

Here she is all dirty and needing a fresh coat of paint. 

Cute, huh?  : )

$5 people!! Check out the top. LOVE!!

Nice magazine holder at the bottom. Well at least that's what I thought I'd use it for. 

I took the palm sander to her. She had some spots that had a bit of rust. Then I washed her off really well and started spray painting. This was my first time using the infamous Rustoleum Heirloom White. Yes, I was a Heirloom virgin.  : )  I loved how it turned out. I'd used a cream color by Krylon before, but it was a little too yellow for my liking. The Heirloom White is just right. 


Once she was dry I brought her into the house and started trying to figure out where she should go. It turned out she was too small to go in the living room so I tried her in my room. I took out my old night table and moved her in. Oh she looks soo cute in there and goes fabulous with my bedding. I LOVE my bedding by the way!! Can you believe I got it from Avon? Yes ladies, Avon! I know. You can see a better pic of it here

What do you think? Cute, right? Of course by the time I got around to taking pics the morning sun was gone. When will I learn? These pictures are terrible. Sorry! I'm gonna be taking some new pics, really.

So just the other day I was on Pinterest  and came across a pic of some Pottery Barn lamps that look just like mine! Only they're A LOT pricier. I'll be doing a little post about that once I get some new shades.

Look at the top. Isn't it lovely? And there's my nightly moisturizing basket. It's very dry here so I lotion up my hands and use lip balm before I go to bed. Just a little personal info for ya.  : )  Now I'm on the hunt for a complimentary side table for Mr. CC. I did fine a round brass bamboo one with a marble top on Kijiji. I'm waiting to hear back from the lady if she'll take what I offered. She's asking $35 and I think that's a bit much. I know, I'm a cheap skate. heehee  If I do get it I'll be spraying it with the heirloom too and sharing it with you. 

You all have a great day! I'm on holidays all week, so I'm off to enjoy the outdoors and my cozy sunroom.  : ) 

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  1. The "new" night table looks awesome! Way to go!!!

  2. That's a great find and I love what you did with it! 5.00 WOW!

  3. What a fun, cute little table! And for 5 bucks. It's such an interesting little piece, you could find so many uses for it. It would work really well in the bathroom too, but it's adorable by your bed!

  4. great find, you did a great job in doing it up!

  5. Lovely find and what you did looks great. Looks so nice as a bedside table. Thanks for sharing at BC Good Life Wednesdays.

  6. Catie, that is so cute in her new coat of white. What a great buy. thanks for joining WUW.

  7. What a great fine. I love how you transformed it. Aren't yard sales the best?

  8. Hey Catie!

    Thanks for your question about the allergies...I wanted to make sure you saw my response in the "comment section" of the FJI post.


  9. Love this darling little table!! It is super sweet!

  10. Love the table AND the bedding! Really, Avon? Who knew?!:)

  11. Hi this is Taylor from the Hannah Handmade team. I just wanted to say that I love finding deals like that! They are awesome! Love your blog its super cute! Come follow us back? :)!/pages/Hannah-Handmade/200408909971427

  12. I have one very similar to this to finish, I hope my looks as good.
    What grit of sand paper did you use?

    I am a new follower

  13. Cute table! Amazing what a coat of paint can do. Come by and check out my blog!


  14. This is great! What a fabulous transformation!

  15. Super cute find and I love how you have transformed it and styled it! So pretty! Thanks for sharing at FNF :)

  16. I have a table similar to that. It belonged to my husband's grandmother. We got to keep it. For years I used it as a plant stand on the porch. Now I use it house the Uverse unit that has our DVR & DSL in it. I've been toying with painting it black, but I do like the white.


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