Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Favorite Things

Jo-Anna over at A Pretty Life in the Suburbs decided to throw a favorite things party in celebration of Oprah's Favorite Things being on the air once again! (Yep, it's on today! Check your local listings.) Who doesn't love that show? And who hasn't wished they were one of the lucky people in that audience? I know I sure have! I thought the idea of getting to create my own list of favorite things would be lots of fun. So here we go! Hope you all liked what I picked to give you.  ; )

Welcome to Catie's Favorite Things!!!

First up we have lip balm. I know it's small, but I have a bit of an addiction to the stuff. Burt's Bees is definitely one of my favorites because they're made with all natural ingredients. And a recently discovered new favorite is their cuticle cream. LOVE it!

Yankee Candles have got to be my absolute favorite when it comes to candles. They have amazing scents and the best part, you can burn a candle for an hour or so and your house smells that way for hours!

This next one is boring and practical, but I love it! I have used a Brita pitcher for about 14 years. It's a great was to save money because you're not buying loads of bottled water. AND you're being environmentally friendly by filling your own water bottles. So it's a win/win in my opinion. 

This is my favorite perfume. I'll bet you would like it too. 

One store I really miss since moving to Canada is Trader Joe's.
Sooo everyone gets a $250 gift card!

Unfortunately I don't own a Kitchen Aid Mixer, but it is definitely on my ultimate gift list! And they come is soo many fun colors it would be soo hard to choose.

OK, now we're done with the gift I could actually give someone. Now onto the gifts Oprah could give!

First we have the Marc Jacobs watch that everyone is wanting or wearing.

With this next one I had a hard time deciding between the classic plaid Burberry Hobo Bag and this gorgeous merlot colored one. Guess that means you get both. haha Which one would you pick?

If you picked the classic plaid as your favorite you'll need something to match so,

I can't get over how cute this car is! I want one! 

How could I possibly top that? Hmm, maybe with a getaway to Fiji! 

Hope you enjoyed my favorite things! Thanks to Jo-Anna for coming up with this fun party idea! And don't miss Oprah's Favorite Things today. 

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  1. Love it all Catie! That merlot bag is to die for!
    Thank you so much for linking up!
    Have a great week!

  2. Trader Joe's is my all time fave. If it wasn't so far away....
    My fave thing there? The frozen cilantro cubes. LOVE THAT.
    Great post!


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