Monday, October 24, 2011

Let The Sun Shine In!!

We have lived in our house for just over six years now. Since the day we moved in one thing has really bothered me. What could it be, you might be wondering? Well I'll tell ya. A huge, hideous, plastic yellow awning that was over our front window. The thing was sooo ugly and it kept the living room a bit dim for most of the day. I have wanted it down since day one, but the months and years flew by and it was never really at the top of the list. Not to mention we didn't seem to have the right sized tool for the job. We had the size up or the size down, but some how the one we needed had been misplaced. I'm blaming Mr. CC. He kind of has a habit of using things and not put them back where he got them when we're done!   >: (  I'm sure you know someone like that too?

Anyway, a few weeks ago I was in the laundry room doing, well laundry, and happened to notice a little teeny tiny wrench sitting on a shelf. As soon as I saw it I knew it was "the one" I'd been looking for!! I was soo excited I immediately ran to the garage and grabbed the ladder and headed out front. Now keep in mind I live in Canada which means we have a basement and you have to go up five or six steps to our front door. This means that the awning was quite high and my ladder wouldn't reach from the ground. This is where the raised flower bed, that I detest, came in quite handy. I put the ladder in there so I could reach. I didn't open it, I just leaned it against the side of the house. Then I got to the unscrewing. There wasn't that many screws, but there was the problem of the ones in the middle, I couldn't reach them. Doh!! What to do? I ended up unscrewing a few screws on the frame of the awning that attached to the awning itself. Then I bent the frame inward so they folded in and I pushed the whole thing in toward the window. Are you still with me?? Maybe I should have taken some video.  haha  So are you ready for the amazing before and after?

 Does it get any uglier? YUCK!

 Gorgeous!! Although now you can see that at some point the trim used to be light blue. Our house
desperately needs to be painted, but we rent and won't be paying for that. You can see the raised 
flower bed where my ladder went. I'm sure if any neighbors were watching they
thought I was crazy. I just wanted it down and didn't need a man to do it! 
 And one side by side for ya. It looks a zillion times better!! 

Much better, don'tcha think? I am soo happy it's finally down. The living room is much brighter now. And in the winter the extra sunlight will help keep the room warmer. Also, for the record, over the years Mr. CC kept saying the awning wasn't soo bad and didn't know why I wanted it down soo badly. After I took it down he came out and couldn't believe how much better it looked. Once again, he should've listened to me. I'm always right!! lol  Oh, he also said it was just coming out to take it down, but I'd already done it. Yay, me! I love doing a "man's" job.  =)
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  1. It looks a thousand times better Catie. You can really see now what a light sucker it was. Good for you for doing it yourself. Women are so good at getting these types of things done. -Mel

  2. Hi Catie!
    Thanks so much for your nice email!
    Love your blog! So happy to have found you too now!
    The window looks great. Very refreshed.
    I love your friday fashion posts. I am already inspired by some of those cute outfits!
    You should link up for wiww soon, it really is pretty fun. and a great boost to your self esteem to read all of the nice comments such fashionable ladies leave you too!! :)
    i am now your newest follower! looking forward to following along!

  3. Catie that makes a HUGE difference! Way to go my friend! :-)

  4. What a nice feeling it is when you get rid of something that you dislike. I did that this summer with some old bushes and it was exhilarating!!!! The house look really nice!


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