Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Day Jitters!

This has been a big week in the CC house. Yesterday we celebrated Miss E's 13th birthday. And today was Miss A's first day of kindergarten. Needless to say she was a little scared to go. She'd never even been to preschool, so she had absolutely no idea of what to expect. We had to meet her teacher outside the school, thank goodness because I kept getting teary but my sunglasses hid my eyes. After we got into her classroom I was much better. And her, no tears. She was a little clingy, but no tears!!

Miss E is starting 8th grade and had late entry this morning so she came along. That was great for me, anytime I would start to talk I could feel my voice starting to crack and my eyes welling with tears, she would take over and say something to Miss A. When we left she was fine and already chatting to her new friend. At pick up she informed me that is was fun and said she was excited to go tomorrow. Yay for me! I could not handle having a kid that cried every single morning. I would be an emotional wreck! For reals!

The Girls First Day of School 
Sept. 1, 2011

She was very patient waiting to take a goofy picture. 

So how many of you moms out there have had to take your baby to school for the first time? Did you cry? Please tell me I'm not the only one!! 


  1. it is more sad for us!!!! so cute they are!

  2. HI Catie,

    So glad the first day went well. You are not the only mum to cry on the first day. Can I tell you a secret? Us teachers often cry on the first day too - but usually for different reasons. LOL! I hope the girls have a wonderful school year this year. God bless xx


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