Tuesday, July 26, 2011

After the Storm...

Summer in Calgary and thunderstorms go hand in hand. We can have a beautiful , warm sunny day and by the evening, we're paying for it in the form of a thunderstorm. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE them, but they sure do give the plants a beating. Earlier this month our peonies that run along about 25 ft of our driveway were in full bloom. The weather had been rainy when they first opened and I never got a chance to get out and take pictures of them. Two days after they bloomed, we had a MASSIVE hail storm and they were completely destroyed. It was pretty sad actually. Half of them were laying down on the driveway, petals all over the place. What ones weren't completely beaten up, were bruised and tattered looking. So my idea of doing a post about our gorgeous flowers was washed down the sewer drain that day.

This happened last week, minutes after I'd finished the first coat of paint on the shelf I was painting for the sunroom. Before this was taken it was warm and sunny. The storm took about 40 minutes to pass over and after that it was warm and sunny again. Crazy!! 
Not only do our flowers get beaten up, but our weeping birch out front does too. After every storm you can look outside and see a sea of twigs and small branches blanketing the lawn. Most times I just go about picking them up and throwing them with the rest of the kindling for our fire pit. Today however, I looked out there and got an idea. Bring some inside and put 'em in a vase. Hmm... would that look ok? Let's find out.  : )  

I started with a vase I recently picked up at a thrift store for a couple bucks. This was just 
a little experiment to see if I liked the look enough to follow through. Me likey so far! 

Then I grabbed some twigs from the yard, got out some floral foam and dried moss. 

First I cut a piece of the floral foam and pushed it into the bottom of the vase. Then I started shoving 
the twigs into the foam, it holds really well. As I went along I began adding the moss. 

Here's a shot of the moss. I love the texture of it all! You'll notice the plant next to it 
magically disappears in the reveal picture. It just wasn't doing it for me. 

Ta da!! 

Ms. A declared that it was beautiful when I set it on the table. She's was also making sure I was taking pictures for my blog while I was putting it together.  : )  Such a cutie. Anyway, what do you think? I'm liking it for the now. We'll see how long it stays there. I just wanted something with a bit of height for the corner. There had been a couple of antique crates stacked there with a tall plant on top. Ever since I moved them and put this side table there it's felt empty in that corner. So the twigs will stay until I start moving things around, again. 

Have you made anything from twigs for your space? If so, please share. I'd love to see it!

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  1. Super cute vase!! We get weather like that all the time in Indiana:)

  2. I saw your kind comment on Delightful Order, thanks so much! I know it sounds silly, but I LOVE branches in a vase! LOL Your blog is growing beautifully!

  3. Can you send some of that rain to Texas?

    I am happily following you too!

  4. That does NOT look like Summer! Your vase looks great too!

  5. Peonies are my favorite and my heart is just breaking as you told that story! So sorry.

    Last Christmas I used twigs in a display on my mantel. check it out if you want to.



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