Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Canada!!

Happy July 1st! First off, I can not believe the year is already half over! And Ms. A will be starting kindergarten in exactly two months from today. I'm soo excited for her. We got her school uniforms on Tuesday and I have to say, she looks sooo cute! *tear*  : )  Anyhoo, this post isn't about my baby going off to school. I'm sure there will be a couple about that later in the summer. ; )

This post is about Canada and celebrating its birthday, and a little about me and how I got here. I moved to this beautiful country over 11 years ago. I'm originally from Northern California, born and raised, but living in Las Vegas when I decided to go North. Yep, I moved from hot and sunny Las Vegas to the land of eight months of Winter, three months of Spring and one week month of Summer. : ) I know this sounds crazy to most of you. It still does to me too. But I had a good reason, I had met Mr. CC online and fallen in love! At the time Ms. E was only 20 months old. It was a no-brainer, I had to be the one to move, so I did. And I've been here ever since.

This is a great country, with great people. I have to say its pretty much just like America, except for one major law I will not bring up, but I'm sure my Canadian readers know what I'm talking about. ; ) They have almost all the same stores (soo excited Target will be here in a couple years!) and restaurants. There's only a couple things I really miss from the States and one of them is Red Vines. Yeah, the licorice. I LOVE it and they only have Twizzlers. Not fair! Sorry getting off subject. This is a great place to live. Calgary is a huge city with lots to do. My community has everything I need within walking distance. Really - Safeway, Subway, Shoppers Drug Mart, 7-11, a bakery, a kids consignment shop, a used book store, a great place we order pizza from, an outdoor pool and lots of playgrounds. I love it! The only complaint I have against Canada is the weather. We definitely need more warm days. Other than that I can't complain. Its been a great adoptive home.  : )

So it is with that, that I say Happy Birthday Canada!!! Wishing all of you a fabulous day spent in the sun with family, friends and good food!

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