Saturday, July 23, 2011

Breakfast of Champions

Well, not really, but I thought that was catchy.  : ) This morning's post is inspired by Donna at Funky Junk Interiors. Over the past couple of weeks she's started eating cleaner, healthier, and invited us to join her. At this week's link party she asked us to share our favorite healthy recipes. I was going to, and still will be sharing a salad recipe. That'll be later today. But while I was getting the things out for my breakfast I decided to take some pics and share it too. Ms. A even wanted in on this one. She loves cooking!

This is an easy peasy breakfast to make up. You'll need cottage cheese, vanilla yogurt and canned peaches. I use the ones sweetened in juice, not syrup.

To my bowl I added about 1/2 cup cottage cheese. Then about 1/4 cup yogurt and one peach half. I think it looks like an egg. Don't you? For this dish you could use your favorite flavor of yogurt and whatever fruit you like. After watching me make this Ms. A wanted in on the fun. 

Here's what she mixed up to share with you. She chose yogurt with cut up peaches and added blue berries and sprinkled on some Vector cereal crumbs. I always save the crumbs, they're just like granola and there's at least a cup at the bottom of the bag.

And now for the taste test. She likes it!! The thumbs up and belly rub of approval.  : )

So what did you have for breakfast today? Have a great afternoon. I'll be back later tonight to share the cucumber tomato salad I'm making to go with our dinner tonight. See ya!

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