Friday, June 17, 2011

Earring Hanger

Good Friday to you! I'm happy because today is kinda like my Saturday. I just work Monday - Thursday and I love it. So today I'm sharing a little diy project I did a month or so ago and I just got around to taking pictures of it this morning. I know, I should be more on it when I do these things. Obviously there won't be any before picture, only the after. You'll like it though. I promise. 

The whole reason I thought of doing this project was because I've had two jewellery parties in the last year and have accumulated A LOT of it. I have somewhere to hang my necklaces, but now nowhere to hang my earrings and it was driving me nuts. So I dug out an old black frame that had been sitting in my hall closet for a while and started hot gluing. First I cut some thin wire to the perfect length I'd need. Then I just hot glued it to the back. I actually didn't even measure to make sure it was even, I just eye-balled it. After that I took it outside and gave it a few coats of Krylon's silver spray paint and that was it. I know, really hard! So here it it, minus a couple pairs of earrings. Oh, and that's not even all my earrings. This just holds the ones with hooks! Yeah, I probably have to many.

Look at that "diamond" at the top sparkle! lol
Now here's a couple pictures of the back. Just like my sunburst mirror, she isn't pretty from the behind. 

I think pretty good spacing for eye-balling it.  ; )
And there you have it, my new earring holder. Sorry my pictures aren't the greatest. I try. haha Have you made anything like this? If so, pass on the link and I'll take a look! Have yourself a fantastic Friday!!

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog Frugailciouos Me and following! Right back at you! I love the earring holder. Lord knows I could use any tips for organizing!


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