Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cuties Make a Cake

Hey All! Hope you had a great Sunday. Ours was pretty quite and relaxing. Mr. CC had to work, so most of the day it was just me and Ms. A. We did have a little walk to Safeway to pick up some steaks to bbq for Father's Day dinner. It was windy, but pretty nice and NOT raining! This afternoon we baked a cake for dessert. Boy did it smell good while it was baking. Love that smell. I wish someone made a candle that smelled like that, but didn't make you sick after 5 minutes. 

So here's what we were working with. 
Gotta love Betty!!
I will have you know I never make cake from scratch, unless it's Pineapple Upside Down cake, then yes I do. Mmm! I figure Betty does it best so why mess with it. Plus I LOVE me some rainbow bit cake, it's my all time favortie! Oh and a little tip, I always add milk instead of water to the mix. It make the cake crazy moist. Try it.  : )
Ms. A gettin' her mix on. 
And of course you have to do the taste test. 
After we mixed and poured it into the pan we baked it for about 35 mins. That's when it really started to smell good! The cake cooled for a couple hours and then it was on to the cream cheese frosting. LOVE! I was originally going to make a two tier cake, but I only had 1 cup of powdered sugar and can you believe Safeway was all out of powdered sugar? What, really Safeway?! So I opted for a bundt cake because I didn't need to put frosting in between the layers. The cream cheese frosting is really easy; 1/4 c. butter, about 1 cup of cream cheese, 1/2 tsp vanilla and 1 cup of powdered sugar. Mix the butter, cream cheese and vanilla together then shift in the sugar, a half at a time. And voila, delicious frosting!

Ms. A mixing the butter, cream cheese and vanilla. 
Ms. E adding the sugar. 
Mmm!! I could eat that whole bowl. Really! No, not really.    : )
Once the frosting was done I spread it on the cake and let the girls decorate. After all, it was for Father's Day. I think they did a great job. Ms. E sprinkled on the purple sugar and Ms. A put on the rainbow sprinkles and little stars.

Doesn't that frosting look soo good? 
There you have it, a simple and sweet Father's Day treat. Haha, I really didn't mean to rhyme! But it really was. And let me tell ya, it was soo yummy. Actually I think I hear it calling me from the fridge. : )
So how about you and your kids, make anything special today? 


  1. Looks so yummy!!!

  2. What a special Father's Day treat! It looks so joyful...made with love!


  3. Wow! Looks like a fun dessert! To make and to eat!

  4. Oh GEE WHIZ! NOW I need some CAKE! THAT looks wonderful! I could eat half of it myself! LOL Thanks for sharing, great pictures, presentation is everything! :D Hugs Kat =^!^=


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