Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring, where are you??

So, I have to start by saying, I am sick of winter! The past few weeks we've had much more extreme cold than normal cold, and it's getting to me. When it's this cold I feel like a hermit with my living room blinds closed 24 hours a day and all the lamps on. In the bedrooms the curtains are drawn closed too. This house gets almost breezy due to the lack of insulation which makes me chilly ALL day. I'm done!

However I am looking forward to Spring coming, eventually, and being able to get outdoors. Since I've been so cooped up I've been online (a lot!) discovering different home decor blogs. Wow are there a ton of them out there! I've stumbled across a couple I just love and browse nearly everyday. They are Centsational Girl and Thrifty Decor Chick . You should check them out! Love them!!!

Anywaaay, back to getting outdoors. I can't wait because I have a list of projects I want to get started on and pretty much all of them require me to be in the garage and paint. I can't be outside painting when it's -25! These blogs have totally inspired me. Yes, I can paint furniture and make my home beautiful for little money! Around the house I've been rearranging little things, painting the random frame or basket, and hemming up curtains for Adia's room. Things are already starting to look nicer. It makes me happy! Oh, I scored the cutest wood side table off Kijiji for $10. As soon as we get one nice day I'm gonna be in the garage painting it. I'll post before and after pics when it's done.  : D

A little taste of Spring for ya. Aren't they beautiful?!?!

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