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Hi there and welcome to Catie's Corner. I'm thrilled you're here! I'm a 35 year old wife, mother, and foodie who loves crafting, decorating, organizing, and of course cooking. We live in Calgary, Alberta. Although I live in Canada, I am not Canadian. I'm a California girl, born and raised. Here's more about me and my life.

The Story of Me & Mr. CC
It all started back in January of 2000. I was living in Las Vegas with my, now ex, then husband. (I'm originally from Chico, Ca.) We were unhappily married and our marriage was definitely on the rocks. Shortly before the new year I had given him an ultimatum to change a few things or I was done. At the same time Mr. CC was living in Calgary and was in a very similar relationship, except he had a 18 month old daughter, Miss E. One night in mid-January I was chatting in an AOL chat room (remember AOL?) . I would like to make it very clear that I was in a regular chat room. It wasn't a room for singles or people looking to "hook up". It was just a normal chat room where men and women from all over the world could chat. Keep in mind this was back when the internet was still pretty new, and I thought it was soo cool that I could talk to people in England, Japan, where ever. Cool! Anyway, back to my story. So I was chatting with some people in a Montreal chat room. Someone asked me where I lived and I wrote, "Las Vegas". After I wrote that some guy responded, "I love Vegas!". Well that guy turned out to be Mr. CC!

We chatted with some other people for a while and then ended up PMing each other. (PM = private messaging) He seemed like a nice guy and we had a lot in common. We ended up chatting a few times that week. Every time we did, neither of us mentioned being married. We would talk about our spouses, but referred to them as our ex's. This went on for a couple weeks and I started to have real feelings for him and felt bad that I was lying about not being married. One night while we were chatting I told him I had something to tell him, and he said he had something he needed to tell me too. Well, I'm sure you can guess what we had to tell each other. We came clean and told one another that we were married. Mr. CC also told me that he had a daughter. Telling each other the truth actually brought us closer!

After that night we started talking on the phone every couple of days. It was kinda crazy how strong our feelings for each other were. Around this time we had only known each other for about two months and we were deeply in love. Since things between us were moving soo fast, we thought it would be best if we met in person. You know, to make sure we weren't romanticizing our relationship. - I should mention that by this point Mr. CC and his ex had filed for legal separation. And I had told my husband I wanted a divorce and was moving out. - So in mid-March Mr. CC flew down to Vegas for five days. It was like we'd always been together, we just clicked. Although I will admit that being around him the first hour was very weird. When you've only talked to someone on the phone and seen a couple pictures of them, it's a very strange feeling to actually be sitting next to them. There was a point when I told him to just talk and not look at me! hahaha The five days flew by and before we knew it he was on a plane back to Calgary.

That's when things went lightening fast. He found a place for us to live and moved out. I started packing, bought a one-way ticket and put in my notice at work. I also filed for divorce. I'm sure most of you know how quickly you can get a divorce in Las Vegas. The morning of April 28th, 2000 I boarded a plane and was on my way to Calgary. I had never even been to Canada. To be honest, I had never even thought about visiting Canada. And now here I was, on my way to live with a guy I'd only known in person for 5 days! What was I thinking?? hahaha Well obviously this story has a happy ending. We've been together ever since and added a daughter to our little family. We finally made our love "legal" on August 8, 2009.

 Yep, I'm a crier. I was crying all through the ceremony. I still have the ugly red cry face in this pic. But hey, my hair looks great.  ; )

Our little family! I can't believe how little the girls were.  : (  They grow up soo fast! Miss E is 14 and Miss A is 6.

Life over the past 12 years has been pretty good. We're still crazy about each other. I'm a stay at home mom. Our girls are awesome! I love his family. And things with Miss J, his ex, have turned out great. We're actually friends. She even attended my bridal shower. Yes ladies, it is possible! There is hope. =)

The Story of Me & Mrs. Ex
So you're probably thinking, if I was the ex I'd hate me. I know I would! In some sense I was kind of  the other woman. Now whether or not Miss J hated me at the beginning I don't know. I do know she didn't blame me for their marriage ending. She's told me a couple times over the past years. You can bet that was a HUGE relief to hear!! (Thank you for that J!!) She did however have nothing to do with me. Over the first few years she wouldn't really speak to me. At first it wasn't at all. Eventually she'd talk to me only about things that concerned Miss E. It was never very friendly or personal. That's how our relationship was for the first 5 years or so.

You can imagine that when we found out I was pregnant I was kind of dreading telling her. We didn't know how she'd react. She hadn't wanted Miss E to be an only child, but she was in a relationship with an man who already had two daughter's that were older than Miss E. He didn't want to have more kids. So this is why I was nervous to tell her. Would she be angry or jealous that it was me making Miss E a big sister and not her? Was she going to stop talking to me? These are some of the thoughts that went through my head. I was only six weeks pregnant when we told her. And to my surprise she started talking to me more then ever. She'd actually talk to me about things other than Miss E.

After Miss A was born our relationship blossomed more and more. We would go to the mall together or over to her house to hang out. And in 2010 we went on a Spring Break trip together. Just me, her and the girls. 10 days together, and it was nice! We made a great team. I love to cook, so I'd do the cooking. She doesn't like cooking all that much, so she'd do the clean up. We joked how two moms in a house would be pretty cool. Sharing a guy, not soo much. haha ; )

I still don't know why having Miss A changed soo much between us. Honestly, I've never asked. My only guess is,  having Miss E's sister meant I would be a permanent person in her life. (Is that close J?) Whatever the reason, I'm soo happy with how things are now. We are friends. We get together for Sunday dinner a couple times a month at her place. We occasionally to go a movie together and she's in my Dinner Club. This summer we're planning on doing some camping in her RV with the girls. I've also sort of been a moderator between her and Mr. CC. I think I've made their relationship easier. We don't really all hang out, but communication is good. And the best part, Miss E knows we're all on the same page and all here for her.

I wanted to share our story to give encouragement to those of you out there going through something similar. Maybe you're the ex or maybe you're the new woman. Whatever the case is, there is hope. Things can get better over time. I doubt Miss J knows how I felt all those years she wouldn't talk to me. It's hard being the new woman too. You don't really know where you fit into the child's life. You're not a biological parent, but you're expected to treat them like your own. That was something I really loved, being a part of Miss E's life. I always treated her like my own and loved her from day one. It seems you always run the risk of overstepping some imaginary line though. It's a hard balance of parenting but not over parenting. Does that even make sense? If it's this hard for me to explain, imagine how hard it is to live. Being a step-parent is a tough job, but it's one I love! It's been an honor to watch Miss E grow from a toddler to a teenager. She has become an incredible young lady. I'm looking forward to watching her grow into an amazing woman.

So there it is. It's all out there now. I know it's not the best love story. I know the timing on our meeting couldn't have been worse. But it's our story, for better or worse. I wasn't sure if I should post this or not. It's a little scary to put soo much of me out there. I just felt like it was time to share more of myself with you. Reading personal stories about other bloggers is always something I enjoy. It makes me feel like - hey, they're just like me! My hope is that some of you can relate to my story. Thanks for reading!  : )
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